FAQ – Whitel Label Reseller

SEO Outsourcing FAQ

1. Can I talk to someone by phone?

To keep our costs critically low, we currently do not accept phone based orders. However, you are welcome to call our toll free number to leave us a message. We’ll then open up a support ticket for you and you’ll be able to leave us a message. We’ll reply to you via email.

2. How can you guarantee my SEO results?

We can guarantee all aspects of our work are in compliance with white hat SEO. We use organic and natural slow submissions to guarantee that you stay on the good side of Google. All of our SEO is white hat organic SEO and our onsite optimizers use only white hat SEO.

3. How Long until I See Results?

You’ll typically see results within 30 days from a link building campaign. For onsite SEO, you’ll typically see your rankings improve faster. We pride ourselves on fast turn around and fast quality services to help you rank faster in the search engines.

4. How long until I get my first report?

Your first report should come within 14 days. It could be longer if there are articles that are required to be written. We’ll update you on each and every step of the way via the shared workspace. If you’re a new client, you’ll receive an email where you can create an account. You’ll then receive weekly email updates on your SEO and the links we’ve built for you. Some time blogger outreach or guest posting consume more time as we are depended on bloggers.

5. How can I get a discount on my big order?

We have a reseller program where you can keep the same high quality services, at a wholesale price. You can sign-up to be a reseller for just £795 and you’ll receive 25% off of all orders. This is a lifetime coupon code, and you’ll receive it instantly after you order. You can then apply it to all your future orders for great savings.

6. If I own an SEO or Design company, can I still outsource work to you?

Yes, many of our clients are providers of these services and use us to save themselves time and money in regards to SEO. We’re delighted to work with you and hope to have you as a reseller. We offer whitle lable SEO services to agencies and SEOs

7. What should I do if I need help or something isn’t working correctly?

You can do two things. First of all, you can always log into your shared workspace and talk directly to the developer working on your SEO. If you need to escalate the support, you can open up a support ticket anytime on our website.

8. What Types of Payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Please note that due to subscriptions billed on a monthly basis, if you sign up for a subscription, that it must be billed via a credit card and PayPal. We do accept payment direct in our bank account if you need information please contact our team.

9. Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a partial refund on any order not completed. So if your order is only 20% completed, we’ll offer an 80% refund minus a $10 service fee. So if your project was $1000.00, we would offer you a refund of $790.00 for work not completed. For work that has been completed, we do not offer refunds.

10. I’m new to this. What package should I order?

If you are brand new to SEO, then you need onsite and offsite SEO. We have many combination packages which will work perfectly for your entire website. You’ll start off with Onsite SEO. This is where we will fix the meta settings on your site and make your web pages search engine friendly. Secondly you’ll need offsite SEO or link building and this is where we’ll generate links for your website to increase the website popularity.

11. Which countries do you outsource SEO services to?

We outsource SEO Services  to whole of the world but most of customers are from United States, United Kingdom, Cananda, Australia, New Zealand and Euorpiean Countries.