Well what is the most in things these days that is been asked by all and everyone. The answer to this is influencer outreach services So I was discussing this with one of my partners the other day and he insisted that it should be done in house whereas I said that it is better to outsource guest posts from any company who has the experience of doing such blogging work.

So here are the points I put forth in favour of why it is better to have your guest posts work outsourced:-

  1. Guest Posting work involves finding the right kind of blog which matches your website theme and then trying to get your blog post published on it with a link back to your website. Well as you can see this involves alot of work and a number of factor which needs to be kept in mind while doing it. So why not get a professional guest posting company do this all hard work for us.
  2. If we outsource guest post work then we can utilise the same time doing more important work like client dealing, customer approach ect which will help in increasing our revenues.
  3. Companies providing this service of guest posting already have done alot of blogger outreach work so their relation is already built up with number of bloggers and therefore they can do this work more efficiently and effectively than an individual doing the work himself/herself.
  4. If at the end of the day we will compare the cost which we are paying to our blogger outreach company you will find that they are more cost effective and faster than doing it in house.
  5. Yes I do agree on the point that where there are only once in a blue more work of guest posting than that can be done in house but still in those cases multiple work will be involved and time effectivity will be low as compared to when we get it done from an outside agency.

So as you can see why I insisted of getting the work of guest blog posting done from outside. I am not saying that in house work is always bad. If we have ample and free resources then they should be used and justified but if not than instead of employing people , teaching them and wasting our resources in terms of manpower and money it is much wiser and better decision to get the work done by an outsourcing company.