The most important aspect of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is link-building. It is commonly known that inbound links from external websites is highly prioritized in Google’s search algorithms. It’s a democratic process in which the authority and significance of a page for a particular keyword is voted on by links.

And it can’t be just any kind of link. Many companies out there have built thousands of links for their websites to no avail. The reason is that those links have very low value in the eyes of Google. These are usually from link farms and other black hat methods, which no longer work as Google has improved in catching these techniques.

The best kind of inbound links, also known as backlinks, are those that come from legitimate sites, have the corresponding keywords as anchor texts, and is surrounded by text. In addition, pages with higher authorities also ascribe more value to those links.

The best way to build these kinds of backlinks is to write helpful content for other legitimate websites in return for these links. This would include submitting 300-500 word articles to directories like Hubpages, Squidoo, GoArticles, and the like. These articles allow you to include at least 2 links that are do-follow, which is an HTML code that indicates to Google that these links can be included as legitimate backlinks.

For a busy internet marketer, writing enough 300-500 word unique articles to provide enough of these backlinks to raise their search engine rankings can be a challenge. So the best way to accomplish this is through outsourcing your backlinking efforts.

You can save a lot of time building links by paying a writer to post unique articles to these article directories that include links to your site. In addition, you can hire an army of writers to multiply your efforts and maximize your time as an internet marketer.

Here are some things to consider as you outsource this aspect of your SEO. First of all, vet your writing candidates. That means you require them to send you a portfolio of their writing. If they are professional writers, they should already have a body of work online that they can point you to. By doing this, you can filter out those who aren’t the caliber of writer you are looking for and make sure that they have experience writing topics you need to cover.

Secondly, you will also need to know how to manage them. The best way to arrange your work process is to supply them with the title of an article, give them 3-5 points that you want them to cover, and give them a minimum word count. You can either set up a system where they write these articles on their account and have them send you a link. You can also set up a profile for them to write their articles. And finally, you can have them email the content to you, and you can submit it however you want it. As you build relationships and trust with various writers, you will get a sense of how you want to handle them as writers.