Website traffic was once up for grabs by anyone with a computer, internet, and a little money to pay for hosting and a domain. Today, the competition is fierce, and the regulation is different- search engines sort differently than in the earlier days…requiring more search engine optimization from the web developer.

To combat the ranking system of Google and other search engines, one can use one-way links – simply submitting a site name to a directory already high-ranked in Google. There are many ways to create one-way links, though the most popular one remains the directory. Some are specifically for health-related websites, business-related, or general topics.

Using site directories, a web developer can leverage their high-ranking status on Google to bring their business to a wider audience.

The Opposite Process is Tedious
Two-way links work to make sites popular as well…but many of these directories tend to charge a fee- and even expect a secondary link on your site. For the business website developer, this is just a waste of time and looks very unprofessional- take advantage of one-way links, and the effort will be well worth it.

One Way Link Outsourcing
This process is for the major SEO agencies and marketers. With some directories, it is possible to submit to multiple listings, with their many subdirectories and sections, and create link building, the best know method of link building. A site ranked highly on Google linking to your site will look very good for the spiders– the computer programs that sift through billions of internet pages every month and sort the information for search engines.

Automation is key with outsourcing link building or one way links; for example, you do not want to be sitting for seven hours submitting a site to a hundred directories. It is too much work! So pay for the process and have a site directory automate the process, then be sure you are notified of which submissions were made. It should only cost about $50 at maximum and at the very least, about $10 for 100-200 submissions.

What The Links Mean For You
Each one-way link is like a door to your product or business. The more doors you have on the internet, the better. Visibility makes eBay a real contender to and that’s what every online shop strives for visibility. Links make it possible.

A web developer’s site can grow without limits with more search optimization and one-way link outsourcing complete. If customers are happy with the product, they will create one-way links to your product and site. Sites like Yahoo Answers! makes the vocal section of customers a really large driving force for marketing. If only one customer speaks out and gives a suggestion to another….the link will cause a chain reaction.

One way link directories are everywhere on the internet. Choose the right one, pay for automated submissions, and your website can thrive, even with competitors! The best way is to outsource link building process and get quality links. You can also go for outsourcing link building to an Indian Company